Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tutorial 2: LED Blink Project in 8051 Microcontroller

        LED Blink is very basic programme to start programming with any microcontroller. To learn embedded system first start programming with 8051. 8051 is 8-bit microcontroller having 4 8-bit IO - Ports.there are two timer timer0 and timer1 ,two external interrupt interrupt0 and interrupt1 and three internal interrupt, one UART,counter.

           In this tutorial you'll learn how to interface LED with 8051 microcontroller ATMEL (AT89S52)(89C51,89C52) NXP(89V51RD2).

LED interfacing circuit diagram

Show in above circuit diagram LED is connected with P2.0 of PORT2 through current limiting resistor R2. Anode of LED is connected with P2.0 through resistor R2 and cathode of LED is directly connected with ground of power supply.When P2.0 high LED turn on and when P2.0 low LED turn off.Now its time to do some coding.