Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to create new project in AVR Studio

                Hi friends in this post i'll show you step by step guide about how to create new project in AVR Studio 7.First of all i'll give you some basic information about AVR studio. AVR Studio is a software development environment developed by Atmel. Providing development platform for Atmel's 8-bits, 32-bits and ARM Cortex-M families of AVR microcontrollers. AVR studio having built in editor,simulator, programmer,integrated C compiler the AVR GNU C Compiler (GCC) so you do not required any third party C compiler.

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Let's Start creating new project 

AVR studio new project
AVR Studio "New Project"

           First of all open the AVR studio 7 once the AVR studio open it's look like this. There is new project option on left hand side click on "New Project..." 

AVR Studio New Project Window
AVR Studio "New Project" 

         After click on New Project. New Project window will be open, Here i select c/c++ because i write code in c language,But if your code is in assembly than select Assembler.After that select "GCC C Executable Project".Give the name of project and also browse the location of project where you want to store your project file and click on "OK" button.Here i enter Name "Project_1"

AVR Studio "Device Selection"

Now it's time to select the microcontroller which you are using for your project. There is large number of microcontroller family from ATMEL. Here i select "ATmega" from "Device Family"  and click on "OK".

AVR Studio "Device Selection"

Now chose your target microcontroller. Select target microcontroller of your project form device list.In this case i select ATmega32.

AVR studio "Project Window"

   After completed project wizard main source editor will appear,Write your application code in editor. Main source editor have a spell check and auto correction features.

AVR Studio "Build Solution"

           Next step is the build the project to generate HEX file.Once you click on build the compiler compiling all the c source file and generate machine code after that this machine code further generate the HEX file.This hex file is ready to burn in to microcontroller you can burn this hex file using  AVR programmer. 

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Build succeeded message will appear in output window with 0 failed and 0 skipped.If there is an any error in your code than correct your code and build it again.

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