Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tutorial 3: How to burn HEX file into Microcontroller using ProgISP

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the USB ISP Programmer for burning HEX file in your microcontroller by using ProgISP Flashing tool.

Connect the USB ISP Programmer to your Desktop PC or Laptop USB Port. Make sure you  connect it to that USB Port in you installed it during its installation. Wait for a “Ding” sound from PC. Now the programmer is installed correctly. The GREEN LED will glow to show programmer is ready.
  1. Note:

  • If windows says “USB Device not recognized” make sure the USB cables are not broken.        
  • If windows says “New hardware found” you have connected the programmer to a different port than which you have installed. Or you have not yet installed the USB ISP Programmer driver.

Launch ProgISP.exe and check in Program state function PRG ISP function should be enable if it is showing if disable than check USB ISP Programmer device is connected with Desktop PC or Laptop and its driver are properly installed.

The software is very easy to use
·        From Select Chip Menu Select the MCU  ,say AT89S52
·        Select  File -> Load Flash
·        Select the HEX file

 From Select Chip Menu, Select the MCU here i select AT89S52 which is 8051 Based Micorocontroller

Now Select Load Flash from File menu 

Now select HEX file that you want to burn into microcontroller.
 Select the HEX file

For final flashing target device after selecting chip & uploading hex file Click on Auto.
Note: Please ensure Lock Chip before programming
If you want to lock chip than checked the Lock Chip option.

Now your chip is programmed successfully. When programmer is busy RED LED will on.

8051 & AVR USB ISP Programmer Support AT89S51,AT89S52,AT89SXXXX

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